At Bookmans we always did the same -- middle grade fiction that wasn't part of big series was shelved by author. If it was part of a series of say 8ish or more books, we moved it over to the series side, and shelved by series title. So much easier for people to find the Junie B Jones or Fairy Ponies or whatever.

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We just moved to a new place with a huge family room on the lower floor. So at the moment things are very roughly categorized just to get them out of boxes onto the shelves, but we shifted most of the bookshelves from being in separate bedrooms to all being in this one family space and I really like it.

So right now we have a three shelf bookshelf of picture books, a three shelf bookshelf of middle grade and YA (which has grown enough with 4 kids in the tween/teen range that it expanded onto one shelf of the adult bookshelves), and two five shelf bookshelves of adult fiction and nonfiction. We have a lot of books! But I love it.

I only have one kid still really in the picture book phase and I think I might try color coding them. I’ve always wanted a rainbow shelf but I also like my categories too much. That seems like a good place to try it.

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We are in desperate need of a home library refresh which will need to start with buying another bookshelf. I mostly have the books sorted by category and then by colour because I like how it looks but books don’t always get reshelved that way by other users in the home!

I think that how you’ve revamped the school library makes so much sense and I wish our public library did something similar with series and non-fiction topics.

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